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I woke up yesterday morning with a disgusting phlegmy cough and a stuffed nose. I thought I had gotten over my previous illness but apparently not. Being sick at this point is particularly shitty because a) it’s reading week; b) I have OUA’s tomorrow, wednesday and thursday; and c) I should be getting a lot of work done for mid-terms next week. In addition to being sick I am really, really lonely because there’s pretty much no one still at school except for the skating girls, which is nice because I’ve spent a lot of time with them this weekend and it’s been really fun, but it’s hard to get motivated to do anything when no one’s around because all you want to do all day is sleep (which is what I’ve been doing). I’m supposed to be all packed for the competition and for my weekend at home TONIGHT and I haven’t started. It’s a disaster. Additionally, I have practice really, really early tomorrow morning and we’re pretty much leaving right from there, which sucks because we’re going to be in such a hurry to get to the bus and AHHH…I’m not looking forward to it.


I think I’m going to try and pack with Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on in the background…that should make me happy.

 I won’t be able to post for the next few days because I’ll be in an arena…you’ll be updated on probably friday.

Peace outt.



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Normally, I’m anti-Valentine’s Day. Generally, I dodge cupid’s arrow (or Hallmark’s) and avoid the over-commercialized, over-hyped holiday that is February the 14th. I don’t send valentines, usually I’ll just wish people a Happy Valentine’s Day just for the sake of being polite, and when someone gives me one, I obviously thank them and move on. Beyond the commercialism, I normally dislike Valentine’s Day because I don’t understand why there needs to be a day of the year to say “I love you”. If you love the person you should do the Valentine’s Day things spontaneously throughout the year…it’s just so much more romantic that way. Normally, I just don’t understand Valentine’s Day.

This year, however, I feel quite differently about it. I’m not disgusted by the hype, I’m not bitter because I’m Valentineless, I’m not sending valentines, but I’m not hating them either. I think that Valentine’s day isn’t so bad this year because it’s become more of a thing with friends – you don’t need a boyfriend to celebrate. My skating team has organized “secret Valentine” where we just draw a name of a girl on our team and give them a whole bunch of their favourite candy. It’s cheesy, kind of pointless, but it’s fun. Valentine’s Day is just another reason to celebrate.

The highlight of my day today was getting back to my room and finding a single red rose taped to my door. There was no note or anything but I noticed that they were taped to all of the girls’ doors on my floor. I eventually figured out that Tyler, a guy on our floor, had bought a whole bunch of roses for us. It actually made my day, made Valentine’s day bearable and gave me some hope in humanity and in, well, romance (even though he’s just a friend…seriously). Part of me also believes that he was doing it to be suave…but that’s okay…we all need a little bit of suave in our lives.

 So yeah…I don’t think I hate Valentine’s Day anymore…it’s just good fun really.

 …and everyone needs a little romance (no matter how commercial).


 sam ❤

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I’m going to start off this blog by saying that I am in NO WAY religious…but I am Roman Catholic and I’m going to start lent tonight (and when I say “lent” I mean the concept of lent rather than the actual religious connotations).

Now that that’s cleared up…

So why am I starting lent? Basically I’ve started eating dessert at the cafeteria and that’s a really really bad thing and I want to stop. So for lent I’m giving up junk food in the form of cookies, pudding, ice cream etc. and I’m not eating them until easter. I hope that this will make me feel a bit better about myself and I’ll just feel healthier in general. Additionally, I’m going to not drink anything but milk (including chocolate milk), water and tea (because I can’t give up my tea…I might go crazy). Also, if I go to Starbucks or any other place on campus like the Common Ground or the Tea Room I’m only going to get regular tea…no fatty lattes or london fog-type drinks…just tea.

Okay so I have to go to class now but I’m going to stick to this goal and if i don’t…well you can punish me. I promise to be honest about any deviances so you may actually have to punish me.


– sam –

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I love school. I always have and always will. I’ve always been relatively good at school. Throughout elementary and middle school I had above average marks and in high school I had my highs (English, art, social sciences) and my lows (science, math, science…) but overall I came out of every year an honours student. I got into Queen’s, which is an amazing accomplishment because it is one of the top schools in the country and the world. I am where I want to be, I’m doing what I want to be doing (NOT science) and yet I seem to be more interested in YouTube and Tetris.

I can’t really seem to understand why I’m on the computer when I could be reading countless books and essays on very interesting topics yet I still sit on my arse with my eyes glued to the screen giving me a permanent migrane. I don’t know whether it’s a lack of motivation or if it’s just laziness or if I’m just not interested. I know that I want to do well and I get upset when I don’t achieve what I know I can; I know that I enjoy going to lecture (on most days) and I enjoy the topics that we discuss; and I know that, even when I’m sitting here on a friday morning with no classes that there are a lot of things that I could be doing, yet I don’t do them.

Why don’t I do them?

I try setting goals, I try making to do lists, I just try…but I can’t seem to get what I need to get done, done. I mean I do finish all of my work on time and I have always worked really well under pressure but I feel that if I just worked harder I would be so much less stressed.

I know all this. I know it. I’ve been told a million times by my Mom, my teachers, myself…but I have never brought myself to do it. I want to do it. I want to be more motivated. I love what I’m doing, what I’m studying. I’m so excited to declare my major and start taking the really specific courses and further narrowing down my field of study. I can’t wait for fourth year to start writing my thesis. I want to apply to a graduate program and study abroad. I want to stay in school and continue to learn. But how am I going to do that if I do not yet know how to learn, or at least know how to apply my learning skills?


Learning is no longer about knowing that 2+2=4.

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Once again I’m beginning this blog with an apology because, yet again, I’ve been slacking in the updating front. My only excuse is that I’ve been rather busy over the past few days because of essays and other exciting things. On Friday night my skating team had a fundraiser in which we went to Ale House (the local bar) and sold about 250 candy necklaces for 2 dollars each. It was a really fun night mainly because I actually managed to get into the bar, but we just had a great time as a team and yeah…I love my team. On Saturday I tried to get some work done but was rather unsuccessful and then that night I drank with some of my floormates and we went traybogganing (if you don’t know what that is, basically you just steal a tray from the cafeteria and use it as a toboggan). On Sunday I took the train back to Toronto and napped pretty much the rest of the day until the Superbowl came on (GO GIANTS!) and then I slept some more. Monday was probably the most exciting day (even though I did work all day) because that night I went to THE SPICE GIRLS CONCERT!!! It was actually the most amazing concert I have ever seen and I can’t even put into words how incredible it was. It is actually still a little surreal because, no joke, seeing them was like my childhood dream and now when I listen to them I still get so excited because I ACTUALLY saw the SPICE GIRLS LIVE. AHH! Also, I always loved their music but I never appreciated how amazing it actually was. I mean seriously…it’s entertaining, extremely catchy and their voices are actually decent. Also, being much older now I have realised that their music really wasn’t intended for kids (2 become 1 anyone??). Anyway…the past two days haven’t been very exciting…all I did yesterday was write an essay that I handed in today and managed to get sick. I’m seriously so sick right now (according to webMD my symptoms show signs of menengitis, strep throat or mononeucleosis…yay) and I’m going to bed promptly after I finish this blog.

Good Night!


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