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o I recieved a comment from a friend who was apparently stalking my blog and complaining that I haven’t posted in almost a month which is, I agree, terrible.

The truth of the matter is that I’ve been terribly busy (lazy?) and haven’t been able to post. I currently have 3 essays and two assignments due next week and I don’t know where the time’s gone (into watching Dexter?).

So I don’t think I posted about OUA’s so I’ll do that now…

So basically the week of OUA’s was the most amazing week of my life. The QVFS Weekend of Love started on Friday night since there was pretty much no one here on campus since it was reading week, so the VFS girls on campus got together for a dinner of love. Then some of us came here to Leggett to watch some Sex and the City but we called it a night early because some of us (aka myself, Lara, Laura and Casey) were skating the next morning. After skating on Saturday we went to Casey’s house and made pancakes and then after pancakes Lara, Laura and I went back to campus and had yet another breakfast at Ban Righ with the rest of the VFS girls on campus. Later that night the entire team went to go see Fools Gold at the theatres downtown. The movie was pretty entertaining, but it was made that much better by Matthew McConaughey.

I don't think I need to say any more...

So then on Sunday Lara and I went skating to practice dance and then came back to campus and yet again went to breakfast with the girls. Later on that day Lara and I went downtown to get groceries for OUR POTLUCK on Sunday night. Well the potlluck was AMAZING. We ate like kings and topped it all off with a random dance party to the Spice Girls and Ain’t No Mountain High Enough. Then we watched Across the Universe (BEST MOVIE EVER) and called it a night.

as i said....BEST MOVIE EVER!

On Monday we didn’t have quite as much of a day of love (other than meal times), but on Tuesday we had our last morning practice of the entire season (surprisingly sad…) and jumped on the bus (not before singing the Oil Thigh in the PEC) and began our journey to Guelph and the OUA’s.

queensbanner.jpg   morning-practice.jpg

When we got to Guelph we had our official practice (in our sexy new tank tops that Casey and Katie got us) and afterwards we went back to the hotel for a quick nap before going out to dinner. After dinner we went back to the hotel, got comfy and had our classic team meeting in which we talked about each other and how amazing we all are. It sounds cheesy but it’s actually one of the greatest things about this team. It allows you to truly recognize what you love about a person and in a way allows you to therefore become a better person. The team is just such a great environment and is seriously the love of my life.


So the first day of competition was now upon us. We had our ups and most definitely had our downs. To say the least – the day was rough. It wasn’t that we had terrible skates or anything…it was just that the judges clearly were not on the same page as us. But it’s figure skating and the subjectivity is why we love it (it just creates more drama…and we all know that skaters love the dramz). So after the first day of competition we were a sad 7th out of 8th place and although we hadn’t done as well as we had hoped, we talked through the day, found the positives and let the conveyor belt take the negatives straight out of our minds. We told ourselves that it’s about the journey not the destination and reminded ourselves that tomorrow was a new day, a new journey.


When the second day came along, things definitely began to look up. Clearly our mental training from the night before helped us shake off those jitters and come out and own the ice. With every glance at the scoreboard the Queen’s Golden Gaels were improving. Finally, it was time for synchro, the last event of the competition. We were currently in third place! There was no way that we’d catch the top two teams even if we won synchro but we knew that we definitely had a chance to take home the bronze, but it would be close as the 4th and 5th place teams were not far behind us. We just had to own the ice.

So we said our Cha Gheills and took to the ice. Our skate was good…lots of presentation, only two bobbles and overall we were happy. By this points didn’t really matter to us. We had already improved so much since the first day and we were already feeling great. We had had a great time throughout our week of love and we were surrounded by the greatest people we know…things couldn’t get better. After the event was complete we walked out onto the ice for medal presentations. We cheered and cheered for the girls from the team who placed and even cheered for ourselves when we didn’t. We skated well…that’s all that mattered. Finally they announced the placements for synchro…3rd PLACE! That means we got 7 points…what does that mean? Someone do the math? Where did we place overall? Although our placement didn’t matter really…we were just so close to bringing home an OUA medal…would it happen?

In third place…

*insert freakout including tears and screaming and jumping and nearly falling on the ice here*

Pretty much the happiest moment of my life…it was like we had won olympic gold. After the lows of the previous day this was nearly too much to handle.

So yeah…OUA’s and the Week of Love were both pretty much amazing. I miss skating so much now that it’s done for the season but I still see the girls quite a bit. We’re gathering for another Rock Band night on Friday so that should be good times. The Colour Awards are also coming up soon – speaking of which I need to find a dress. Yay shopping!

Cha Gheill!

– sam –

OH PS! You know how I posted my Queen’s obsession-ie (?) thing after the “Wanna Be a Gael” meeting? Ya well I wanted to be a Gael and I AM A GAEL!!!! Ahhhhh I’m so excited! Frosh week all over again! 😀 😀


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