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I love shoes.

I know it’s a complete cliche for a girl of my age with any slight interest in fashion to say, but seriously, I LOVE them.

On Monday I spent the remainder of my bank account on yet another pair of shoes; this time a pair of classic white Keds. I am absolutely in love. They’re just so versatile! I can wear them with a dress for a nice summery casual look or with skinny jeans (which are my god) and even though they get dirty in no time at all I’m not that concerned because they only cost me 35 dollars! Also, when i wear them with a dress and whatnot I feel like Baby from Dirty Dancing. She wore those shoes through all of the “learn to dance” montages. That is actually one of my favourite movies and i love how some of the styles from that movie are coming back. It’s so great.

my new love...




I just want to shop ALL the time. It doesn’t help that I’ve recently become addicted to Nylon magazine. It’s basically the greatest fashion magazine ever and it makes me wish that I could just reach into the page and pick the clothes right out of it. It is literally the epitome of the style I LOVE and am working so hard to pull off. Unfortunately, pulling off said look requires shopping, and shopping requires money, and in order to attain money one needs a job, which I (still) do not have. 

Every time I go downtown (to job search) I get all depressed because a) I am having little luck and b) I just want to be able to buy all the clothes I see while window shopping. Honestly though, I have a lot of clothes already, it’s just that it’s all wintery and grey and I want colourful stuff for spring/summer and I’m severely lacking in that department. I went to Urban Outfitters the other day and there’s tons of really nice skirts out…for example:




I need to start a fund…so I can just shop and put myself out of my misery…







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