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Yes. I failed BEDA.

Studying for exams kind of took over my life and I also forgot about it until I was lying in bed, hoping to fall asleep. It was a really good idea, in theory, but I had a feeling that it would fail…sadly.

Anyway, exams went well and and marks are decent, but I definitely have to do better next year. I still find it surprising sometimes when I get marks in the seventies when I was used to high 80’s in high school, but then I look at the distribution and realise that in the 7 courses I took this year, only two of them had students with marks in the 80’s, and in both those courses I received marks in the 80’s…so that’s pretty sweet. Also, in one of those courses I was one of only three students who were in that marking range, and that I find very impressive (if I do say so myself).

Since I arrived back home in Toronto I’ve been pretty busy. I only had one week off before I started work, but I spent that time clearing my room of all of the crap I accumulated over the 19.5 years of my life. I think I ended up with about 15 bags of trash, 6 bags of clothes to go to goodwill, and 4 rubbermaid containers full of stuffed animals (and I gave 3 full bags of those to the children’s wish foundation). It was really entertaining to go through all of the memories I’ve collected over the years (needless to say, I’m a pack rat) and at times is was hard to get rid of things, but all in all it felt good to purge the clutter.

I decided to clean out my room because I felt like it was time to do one, final redecorating project. My parents won’t be moving out of this house (at least within the next 20 years) so it will be nice to have a nice, grown-up bedroom to come home to – unlike the formerly baby pink and blue room I had up to a ¬†week ago. We’ve been working really hard at getting the room finished so every day after work during this past week we’ve been priming and painting, and yesterday night and about all of today we tore up the nasty carpet (that’s been in here since our renovations in 2000) and put down gorgeous, chocolate brown pergo. My walls are a sort of beigey colour and there’s one, deep purple accent wall. There’s currently basically no furniture in here except for my dresser, a cd/dvd shelf, a night table, a wicker chair and a purple ottoman. I’m getting a double bed next week along with basically the best thing EVER: bookshelves. I’m getting a bunch of bookshelves to fill an entire wall. This is so exciting to me because ever since I saw Beauty and the Beast when I was like, two, I’ve wanted a wall of books, like in the opening sequence, “Belle”.

Now, I’ll settle for the bookshop, but I’d REALLY love the the library in the castle…but that seems a little unrealistic. Don’t you think?


*sigh* If only….

Anyway, I’m off to watch more [Scrubs]. All of my friends who watch HIMYM with me all watch scrubs, so I need to watch it too.

Good day, peeps!

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