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So, here’s a story. It’s really not that exciting but it’s relevant to my post and therefore I must tell it.

As I’m sure you all know, I’m away from home at university and currently I live in an apartment with three of my good friends, some of whom I knew before Uni, some I’ve only known for about a year or so. About a month into living together, for reasons I cannot explain, we all began to abandon conventional terms of endearment and began calling one another, “peep” and “peeps”. Since then we’ve all developed nicknames, for example, we call one house mate, “grandma” because, well, she is basically an old lady in the body of a 20-year-old; and often, when we tire of “peep” we call each other, “sir”, despite each of us being definitively women and equally as lady-like. The sentiment of “peeps”, however, has definitely been the most commonly used phrase within the four-walls of our apartment, in fact, it has been used so much in our house that it began to overflow and seep into our lives outside of our humble abode. We have all begun calling friends who are unfamiliar with our antics, “peeps”; we have even begun to call our parents peeps (that may just suggest that we are all strange and getting to the stage in our lives that we’re kinda friends with our parents, which may just be scarier than our calling them “peeps”).

This is the point in the story when the title of this blog becomes rather, well, scary. But it is also where it becomes relevant. But, before we move on, here’s just one itsy-bitsy clarification:


Is that clear? Okay, good. Let us move on.

So today, one of my housemates received a package from her father and inside were some easter treats (she’s Jewish by the way, so this is strange for many reasons) with a note that said:

Here’s a chocolate bunny for you…

and some peeps for your peeps.

Love, Dad.

We all found this incredibly random gift extremely hilarious, because we know her dad, know that Passover technically starts tonight and instead Schmemily’s receiving easter gifts and the fact that her Dad probably saw the Peeps and bought them simply because he knew we call each other “peeps” is awesome in every single way. Receiving peeps is obviously ever more hilarious for me because of the vlogbrothers and everything, so when my “peep” opened her package I was doing my happy dance and “badoo doo doo-ing” in my head.

So, yes. This was the most exciting thing of the day, or it was until I realised that I have actually never had a Peep. I mean, I’ve had things like Peeps, but I have never had an actual brand name Peep. At this realisation I began to panic thinking that I wouldn’t be a true Nerdfighter until I actually ate a Peep. So, like any nerdfighter would, I documented the process (on dailybooth). Don’t get too excited or anything, I only ate one, but it was painful nonetheless.


Say hello to Mr. Peep!


I’m assessing the situation… head first, or tail first???


Okay, head first. It’s more humane. At this point my grossed out face is more because I didn’t think it would be that… squishy. I guess they were fresh peeps.


It’s official, peeps are gross. I could hardly eat one, let alone John’s 12.5, let alone however many Kurt ate, or all of the peeps the Nerdfighters ate to make up for John! Thinking of all of those awesome Nerdfighters inspired me to keep going. Hoo, ha…


NERDFIGHERS! I did it, I’m proud of myself because it was gross. But I did it, that’s what counts, right? Badoo doo doo!!!

Okay, now I’m going to go drink, like, ten glasses of water. I can’t get the taste of processed marhmallow out of my mouth…and I think there’s an eye stuck in my teeth.




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So I’m blogging for really the first time, at least in a while. A long time ago I had a livejournal and eventually I stopped using it and now, as I am home from university for Christmas holidays an have lots of time on my hands, I’ve decided to start one up again. I miss writing for no reason…I’m so tired of writing only essays because I have no time for anything else so on here I’ll be writing about myself, other issuses, and maybe I’ll post some of my writing.

Anywho, I must go shower. I have to go downtown soon to shop for my mom for christmas!

When I get back I think I’ll do a “questions” blog…so I’ll just answer some random questions that I come up with (maybe I’ll answer some from Brotherhood 2.0 question Tuesdays [Nerdfighters FTW!])

Well, peace out!

— sam

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