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Hey there.

So, today I really don’t have much to talk about. It’s dark and dreary outside again, I’m working on my take-home exam for hebrew scriptures, I don’t want to be working on my hebrew scriptures take-home exam, and I’m sooo sleepy because people next door were raging until 1:30 last night – the music was so loud I could have had my own party in my apartment and I wouldn’t have had to put on music.

Other than those basic observations/complaints I don’t really have anything exciting to say so, as a result, I will talk about one of my favourite actresses/musicians/fashion icons. That person is Zooey Deschanel.


Zooey Deschanel is probably best known for her role as Jovie in the Will Ferrel Christmas classic, Elf, and perhaps for her spectacularly awesome band, She & Him with M.Ward. Among Nylon subscribers she’s known for being, well, awesome and beautiful and basically has a style that everyone wants to achieve. I’ve never seen anyone pull off a pouffy, baby-doll dress so well in my lifetime, but that ability may have something to do to her doe-like features and adorable 4-year-old-girl bangs, but even still, it’s just not fair.

She’s just so… cool. Zooey has this great, old-soul vibe, which can be heard when she sings classics such as “You Really Got a Hold on Me” and “Swing Low Sweet Chariot” on She & Him ‘s appropriately titled first album, Volume One. Her voice is so unique, which makes She & Him ‘s sound just so interesting and refreshing. Loves it.

She’s been in a few movies recently, but she has a movie coming out this this summer that looks like it’s going to be amazing. The movie’s called (500) Days of Summer and well, since I obviously haven’t seen it, here’s the trailer:

Right? I love when she plays that sort of, weird, insecure girl because she does it so well, and well, being weird and insecure myself makes her quite relatable in such roles.

Anyway. This blog is getting creepy, so I’ll stop.

For the future, when I find that I have nothing to talk about, be prepared to be bombarded with lengthy accounts of the things I like. It’s easy to come up with material, plus it’s a good distraction from my work.


Good day, sirs.


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You know those days when you wake up, it’s surprisingly gorgeous outside, and you have school work to do that prevents you from enjoying the weather and the fresh air?

Today is one of those days.

For the past couple of days it’s been raining like crazy (as you would know if you’ve been reading my blog since BEDA began), therefore I had not showered for a good 2 days (personal hygiene does not matter when you’re only seeing your housemates), really gotten dressed at all and I have obviously not been outdoors. I was beginning to lose sense of all space and time, being cooped up for so long. and breaking routine is not good for my sanity. So, this morning, when I opened my blinds to see a unexpected, beautiful sunny day, there was no way I could focus and do any of the work that I had to do today. I procrastinated for a very long time; watching episodes of [scrubs], putting away laundry, cleaning my room, showering, getting dressed, snapping pictures on dailybooth…

Eventually I decided to sit down at my desk and begin work on my take-home exam that’s due on the 16th, but found myself severely distracted by the beautiful day that lay outside my window. I was all dressed (in a rather cute outfit, may I add) with no place to go, so why not go somewhere, I thought. I couldn’t waste a beautiful day like today, so I gathered my things and headed outside for a stroll.


In my experience, when feeling like this, a walk can be extremely beneficial to the successful completion of work. When you’re distracted by what’s going on outside your study bubble, I find that it’s best to take a walk for about an hour either through your neighbourhood, to some stores, or through a nearby valley or park, because honestly you’d probably spend about an hour (if not more) dreaming about what you could be doing instead of your work.


Today I opted for the stroll down to the shops in downtown Kingston, mostly because there’s an Indigo, several Starbucks and an Urban Outfitters to entertain me. I believe that a walk is best broken up by some good window shopping (and maybe some actual shopping) so your thoughts aren’t completely occupied by the things you have to do, and thoughts of the things you want to do (ie. shopping) can be engaged, thereby getting them out of the way so you can truly focus on the work you’ll be doing in the near future.

Now, I know this is beginning to sound like yet another procrastination tool (I’m starting to sound like a professional procrastinator already, only 5 days into BEDA…my goodness), but I believe that taking a walk is a constructive way to gather thoughts and to meditate on the things that you want to accomplish when you actually sit down to work. From experience I can honestly say that going on a walk has definitely helped rid my distractions and allowed me to successfully complete school related tasks on more than one occasion.

So, next time you feel distracted and unfulfilled in regards to your dreadful day of study indoors, avoid cabin fever by venturing into the outside world and doing the things you don’t think you can do while studying, because in the grand scheme of things, it will help you focus.

Now…dinner then work.


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I went to the Urban Outfitters website and I caught the “omg-I-want-to-go-shopping-so-bad” bug. As a result, I spent several hours (when I should have been doing school work) searching the interwebs and compiling a wish-list-collage. Wanna see?


Also, since I’m heading back home in a couple months (only for four months but whatever) and my room is still pink and blue and covered in crappy posters and old photos and my bed is still a tiny single bed that physically hurts me when I sleep in it. So, i also browsed Urban for lovely decor, as well as some other sites for stuff to put in my room once i paint  it (dark purple) and get a new bed and stuff:


Oh, there’s also some plain awesome stuff that i want (such as how i met your mother season 3 on dvd) and am looking forward to (spring awakening and harry potter and the half-blood prince movie, obviously). 

So there you go, that’s what I have been doing lately. 

Fun times.

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I loveeee home. 

It smells nice and looks pretty and yeah…

I’m in like with home. 

AND it’s snowing. 





I’m currently listening to the new mugglecast and I cannot believe that they have not picked up on the Laura Mallory connection from Dumby’s commentary on FoFF. But really, I’m even more proud because Laura (the mugglecaster) just mentioned the Three Brothers tale and its similarities to The Pardoner’s Tale from Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. I noticed that connection when I read it last year in English 110 and everyone thought I was insane. But there’s definitely evidence to say that Three Brothers was loosely based on the Pardoner’s Tale. Laura, you get a pat on the back. 

Today is pretty much gorgeous outside, but it’s kinda ruined by this :


It’s incredibly noisy, although it’s a very interesting house to see inside of. I’m kinda, really glad it’s being torn down. The hilarious part is that the guy who lived there before sold it on the condition that they wouldn’t tear it down. Yeah. Right. That house was a shit hole. 

Alright, I must go. Caitlin and I are going to rendezvous. Ta.

Oh here’s another lame picture of me for good measure. I like my outfit today.


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