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Now I just need to get to new york to see this cast…my life will not be complete otherwise.

My life will, in fact, be complete.

A few weeks ago my parents surprised me by saying the words I have been wanting to hear all summer:

We’re going to New York City.

The trip is happening this Thanksgiving weekend – a week after my birthday. The adventure will commence on Friday morning when my parents arrive in Kingston to pick up myself and my wonderful friend Ally. She’s my guest on our weekend in NYC because she’s a very good friend of mine and this trip and seeing Hair will be equally as important to her as it will to me, as she is one of the people I have been obsessing with all summer. Seriously, when we’d email at work, for at least two months our emails opened with a different quote from the soundtrack. I’m sure that if you piece together the random quotes we shared you could have the whole soundtrack. Hahah. Once we ran out of Hair quotes we moved onto Harry Potter quotes, and for at least a month we played “Amorentia, Imperius, Avada Kedavra” in each of our emails. Two peas, I tell you.

Anyway, back to the trip. We’re driving to New York City on Friday, then we’ll check into our hotel and go out on the town for dinner and everything. Saturday we will do some touristy things, walk through Central Park, 5th avenue, Times Square Magnolia bakery, FAO Schwarz, Tiffany’s etc etc. Saturday night is when Ally and I are going to see Hair, which will be sooo amazing.  After the show we will obviously go to the stage door and meet our idols (Gavin Creel, Allison Case, Caissie Levy, Kacie Sheik, Andrew Kober, Bryce Ryness, Will Swenson and the list goes on). I’m sure that we will be too excited to even think, let alone go to bed, so we’ll be out on the town until it’s socially unacceptable. Sunday we will be extending our stay as long as possible then we’ll be heading back to Kingston where my parents will be staying until they head back to toronto on the holiday monday.

Ally, my parents and I have been talking about the trip for about a month but even still it seems entirely surreal – like a dream. I’ve wanted to see the show since May and talked about having to go to NY, but never did I think I’d actually get there.

My first Broadway show…wow.


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I was born in 1989 so, for all intensive purposes, I was a child of the 90’s. I was around for all of the things that made the decade so iconic. No, I wasn’t old enough to really appreciate Nirvana, plaid flannel or acid wash jeans, nor was I old enough to understand why Friends was the greatest sitcom ever. But I was one of the lucky kids who wore stirrup leggings and light-up sneakers, and my Mom definitely rocked the “Rachel” hair cut.

Some of the things I remember most about growing up in the 90’s, in addition to all of the animated gems that I blogged about a week ago, were the talks of the playground or rocked the airwaves when we were listening to our Walkmen. I grew up in a time where every month there was a new fad that swept the playground; as each new toy became popular among a large majority of my peers, it would take a week before a letter was sent home in our “friday folders” to our parents expressing how said toy was now banned from school premises. Among these fads were Tamagotchi’s or Nano Pets, POGS, Crazy Bones, Skip-Its and, of course, Pokemon cards.

Once we were no longer allowed to play with our favourite toys at recess we had to pass our 15 minutes of freedom (is it just me, or did 15 minutes seem to go by much more slowly when you were 8?) any way we could. Although I was quite the indoors-y type and would much have preferred to stay inside to read Nancy Drew or The Babysitter’s Club, that was almost always discouraged and I had to go play outside with my friends. So, without the awesome toys that were all sitting back home in our toy boxes or scattered across our bedroom floors, we instead pretended to play some of the most iconic musicians of the decade: Spice Girls,  Britney Spears, Christina Aguliera etc. The amount of pictures I have of my and four other friends in the classic “girl power” pose, with the peace sign and me, of course, dressed as Sporty Spice number into the double digits.

I call the Spice Girls, Britney Spears and Christina Aguliera some of the most “iconic musicians of the 90’s”, which, I guess, is very true, but they, for the most part, survived into the 21st century. Now, however, when I reminisce on the 90’s, I find myself remembering the 90’s a lot differently than how I actually experienced it. Recently, I’ve developed an obsession with music from the 90’s, mostly music that we all remember when we hear it, but we don’t know for the life of us who it’s by or what it’s called. This music could be called, lets see, One Hit Wonders? This obsession began when, having developed an unhealthy obsession with the CBS comedy, How I Met Your Mother, I decided to look up the music that plays in that show. My research showed that a lot of the music in the show is actually from the 90’s, which makes a lot of sense because himym features a number of flashbacks to when the characters were in college between 1996 and 2000. One song in particular kicked off this strange interest in 90’s One Hit Wonders, that song was Chumbawamba’s classic, “Tubthumper”:

When I heard this song I was filled with flashbacks to when I was a kid, but it was baffling to me because, honest to blog, I never, pointedly listened to Chumbawamba ever during my childhood.

I was inspired to make an epic playlist of 90’s music when watching MTV Canada’s The After Show over the past couple days when I should have been studying. On one of the back-logged episodes the hosts, Dan and Jessi, started introducing a segment where they share a 90’s flashback song of the day. The segment came about because Dan was also compiling a playlist for a 90’s throwback dance party he was hosting and wanted great music so he was taking requests and stuff. The first song they featured was, well just take a look:

I didn’t listen to Robyn, but I remember that song as clear as day. I know like, all of the lyrics. It blew my mind.

So, my search for the best 90’s playlist ever continued today and I took to the trusty “iTunes Essentials” to begin. Not so surprisingly, they had a great playlist for “90’s One Hit Wonders” already started, so I knew where to begin. When I previewed each of the songs on their list I knew every single song. Once again I was completely baffled, but figured I knew them from years of watching Much Music and cheesy 90’s teen movies at sleepovers.

I’m still working on creating this awesome playlist, but here it is so far:

  • Tubthumping – Chumbawamba
  • Unbelieveable – EMF
  • You Oughta Know – Alanis Morissette
  • Closing Time – Semisonic
  • Alright – Supergrass
  • What’s Up? – 4 Non Blondes
  • Torn – Natalie Imbruglia
  • Ironic – Alanis Morissette
  • Every Morning – Sugar Ray
  • How Bizarre (Mix) – OMC
  • When You’re Gone – Bryan Adams
  • No Rain – Blind Melon
  • Wonderwall – Oasis
  • Kiss Me – Sixpence None The Richer
  • Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit Of…) – Lou Bega
  • Bitch – Meredith Brooks
  • You Get What You Give – New Radicals
  • Time of Your Life – Green Day
  • Head Over Feet – Alanis Morissette
  • Save Tonight – Eagle-Eye Cherry
  • Show Me Love – Robyn
  • Lovefool – The Cardigans
  • Its Tricky – Run DMC
  • You Give Love a Bad Name – Bon Jovi
  • There She Goes – The La’s
  • I Love You Always Forever – Donna Lewis
  • Two Princes – Spin Doctors

Some of the songs I’m sure you won’t remember. I don’t remember how most of them sound now just looking at them. But YouTube them or search them on iTunes and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Have fun with your flashbacks!!!


p.s. If you have any suggestions for my playlist, let me know!!!

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So, here’s a story. It’s really not that exciting but it’s relevant to my post and therefore I must tell it.

As I’m sure you all know, I’m away from home at university and currently I live in an apartment with three of my good friends, some of whom I knew before Uni, some I’ve only known for about a year or so. About a month into living together, for reasons I cannot explain, we all began to abandon conventional terms of endearment and began calling one another, “peep” and “peeps”. Since then we’ve all developed nicknames, for example, we call one house mate, “grandma” because, well, she is basically an old lady in the body of a 20-year-old; and often, when we tire of “peep” we call each other, “sir”, despite each of us being definitively women and equally as lady-like. The sentiment of “peeps”, however, has definitely been the most commonly used phrase within the four-walls of our apartment, in fact, it has been used so much in our house that it began to overflow and seep into our lives outside of our humble abode. We have all begun calling friends who are unfamiliar with our antics, “peeps”; we have even begun to call our parents peeps (that may just suggest that we are all strange and getting to the stage in our lives that we’re kinda friends with our parents, which may just be scarier than our calling them “peeps”).

This is the point in the story when the title of this blog becomes rather, well, scary. But it is also where it becomes relevant. But, before we move on, here’s just one itsy-bitsy clarification:


Is that clear? Okay, good. Let us move on.

So today, one of my housemates received a package from her father and inside were some easter treats (she’s Jewish by the way, so this is strange for many reasons) with a note that said:

Here’s a chocolate bunny for you…

and some peeps for your peeps.

Love, Dad.

We all found this incredibly random gift extremely hilarious, because we know her dad, know that Passover technically starts tonight and instead Schmemily’s receiving easter gifts and the fact that her Dad probably saw the Peeps and bought them simply because he knew we call each other “peeps” is awesome in every single way. Receiving peeps is obviously ever more hilarious for me because of the vlogbrothers and everything, so when my “peep” opened her package I was doing my happy dance and “badoo doo doo-ing” in my head.

So, yes. This was the most exciting thing of the day, or it was until I realised that I have actually never had a Peep. I mean, I’ve had things like Peeps, but I have never had an actual brand name Peep. At this realisation I began to panic thinking that I wouldn’t be a true Nerdfighter until I actually ate a Peep. So, like any nerdfighter would, I documented the process (on dailybooth). Don’t get too excited or anything, I only ate one, but it was painful nonetheless.


Say hello to Mr. Peep!


I’m assessing the situation… head first, or tail first???


Okay, head first. It’s more humane. At this point my grossed out face is more because I didn’t think it would be that… squishy. I guess they were fresh peeps.


It’s official, peeps are gross. I could hardly eat one, let alone John’s 12.5, let alone however many Kurt ate, or all of the peeps the Nerdfighters ate to make up for John! Thinking of all of those awesome Nerdfighters inspired me to keep going. Hoo, ha…


NERDFIGHERS! I did it, I’m proud of myself because it was gross. But I did it, that’s what counts, right? Badoo doo doo!!!

Okay, now I’m going to go drink, like, ten glasses of water. I can’t get the taste of processed marhmallow out of my mouth…and I think there’s an eye stuck in my teeth.



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Yesterday (post blog) turned out a day where everything in it was just a huge joke. Fittingly, it was April Fool’s day, although none of these moments where I thought, “my life is a joke”, was an April Fools day prank. The day was productive, however, and I only came out of it with one wound. Allow me to illustrate (metaphorically, because you don’t really want to see this wound, it’s kinda gross):

It was a rainy day on campus and Samantha was walking along, determined, and carrying an umbrella when suddenly, an evil gust of Kingston wind came and flipped her umbrella inside out. At this point, she was in the middle of the road, j-walking on a green light and so she hurried out of the way as to avoid being pummeled by an oncoming SUV, while at the same time fixing her umbrella so she wouldn’t be absolutely sodden. Thinking her life was back together, Samantha composed herself and stepped up onto the sidewalk. She was mistaken. The day of foolery was out to get her yet again. The rubber sole of her keds grabbed the curb and sent her toppling to the ground, the weight of her heavy book bag speeding up the fall. Her umbrella was inside out yet again and, having fallen in a shallow puddle, was completely soaked. As she pulled herself up and tried to maintain her dignity as several off her peers looked on, chuckling to themselves, she noticed a stinging pain originating from around her right knee. Looking down she noticed that her favourite, bright yellow tights were spotted with blood. Upon returning home she examined her knee to see that she had skinned it and it was starting to excrete a fluid that, upon initial examination, was not blood.

Her only victory in this one event of a day of (unfunny) jokes: she did not rip her favourite, bright yellow tights.


My knee is still excreting strange substances. I’m not a fan.

But today’s better! The weather’s gorgeous, therefore I do not have to wrestle with any umbrellas, I’ve handed in my final paper (which is awesome by the way, will discuss my amazing topic soon), and I only have two classes left (one today and one tomorrow) until I’m finished second year. A couple weeks ago I didn’t think I’d make it through this week, but I did! And successfully! (save for a skinned knee) Now I get to relax this weekend, I’ll work on my take-home for Hebrew Scriptures for a bit, but mostly I’m just going to relax until I have to start studying for my literary criticism exam on the 13th.

Tonight should be exciting. I believe that I’m going to the Last Lecture on Earth Series final lecture tonight at the Common Ground, which is featuring everyone’s favourite PoliSci prof, Kim Nossal, famous for the pols 110 drinking game that takes his name, in his last lecture before he goes on sabbatical. Afterwards I’m going to my friend Ally’s house to watch the final Broadway performance of RENT on dvd with some other RENTheads. It will be a blast. One of my friends who is going has never seen or heard RENT at all, so basically his head’s going to explode from the amount of awesome that will be in that living room. I’m pretty pumped.

On another note, my housemates and I have a countdown going until we’re finished exams (on the 25th). For my 19th birthday I was given a bottle of Pol Roger champagne which, for those that don’t know, is a very expensive bottle of champagne, so of course I wanted to save it for a special occasion. When I found out that we’d all be finished exams at the same time I figured that on the night of the 25th we’d open this bottle, get out drink on, drink more, and then rage. So the bottle’s in our kitchen with a post-it note countdown on it. So, without further ado, the Pol Roger Countdown:

23 DAYS!

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blog-photos11this movie will be incredible…

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and my junk is you.


they say you never forget your first time…

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