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Yesterday (post blog) turned out a day where everything in it was just a huge joke. Fittingly, it was April Fool’s day, although none of these moments where I thought, “my life is a joke”, was an April Fools day prank. The day was productive, however, and I only came out of it with one wound. Allow me to illustrate (metaphorically, because you don’t really want to see this wound, it’s kinda gross):

It was a rainy day on campus and Samantha was walking along, determined, and carrying an umbrella when suddenly, an evil gust of Kingston wind came and flipped her umbrella inside out. At this point, she was in the middle of the road, j-walking on a green light and so she hurried out of the way as to avoid being pummeled by an oncoming SUV, while at the same time fixing her umbrella so she wouldn’t be absolutely sodden. Thinking her life was back together, Samantha composed herself and stepped up onto the sidewalk. She was mistaken. The day of foolery was out to get her yet again. The rubber sole of her keds grabbed the curb and sent her toppling to the ground, the weight of her heavy book bag speeding up the fall. Her umbrella was inside out yet again and, having fallen in a shallow puddle, was completely soaked. As she pulled herself up and tried to maintain her dignity as several off her peers looked on, chuckling to themselves, she noticed a stinging pain originating from around her right knee. Looking down she noticed that her favourite, bright yellow tights were spotted with blood. Upon returning home she examined her knee to see that she had skinned it and it was starting to excrete a fluid that, upon initial examination, was not blood.

Her only victory in this one event of a day of (unfunny) jokes: she did not rip her favourite, bright yellow tights.


My knee is still excreting strange substances. I’m not a fan.

But today’s better! The weather’s gorgeous, therefore I do not have to wrestle with any umbrellas, I’ve handed in my final paper (which is awesome by the way, will discuss my amazing topic soon), and I only have two classes left (one today and one tomorrow) until I’m finished second year. A couple weeks ago I didn’t think I’d make it through this week, but I did! And successfully! (save for a skinned knee) Now I get to relax this weekend, I’ll work on my take-home for Hebrew Scriptures for a bit, but mostly I’m just going to relax until I have to start studying for my literary criticism exam on the 13th.

Tonight should be exciting. I believe that I’m going to the Last Lecture on Earth Series final lecture tonight at the Common Ground, which is featuring everyone’s favourite PoliSci prof, Kim Nossal, famous for the pols 110 drinking game that takes his name, in his last lecture before he goes on sabbatical. Afterwards I’m going to my friend Ally’s house to watch the final Broadway performance of RENT on dvd with some other RENTheads. It will be a blast. One of my friends who is going has never seen or heard RENT at all, so basically his head’s going to explode from the amount of awesome that will be in that living room. I’m pretty pumped.

On another note, my housemates and I have a countdown going until we’re finished exams (on the 25th). For my 19th birthday I was given a bottle of Pol Roger champagne which, for those that don’t know, is a very expensive bottle of champagne, so of course I wanted to save it for a special occasion. When I found out that we’d all be finished exams at the same time I figured that on the night of the 25th we’d open this bottle, get out drink on, drink more, and then rage. So the bottle’s in our kitchen with a post-it note countdown on it. So, without further ado, the Pol Roger Countdown:

23 DAYS!


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[un] read Monday’s RELS 210: Hebrew Scriptures material, complete Assignment #2.

[deux] review and make study notes for ENGL 226: Shakespeare Midterm on Thursday. Half done, complete tomorrow.

[trois] go over ENGL 292: Intro to Literary Criticism essay prompts, choose one. 

[quatre] start researching databases for RELS 223: Buddhism possible research essay topics.

[cinq] finish Counterknowledge.

[six] pick topic for ENGL 241: Restoration and 18th Century Lit. Rasselas paper. 

[sept] get a life. cannot be achieved in one weekend.

[huit] call nanny. 

[neuf] sleep…

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