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It’s raining, it’s pouring, I’m sure there’s a old man somewhere snoring…

I love the rain. As long as I don’t get soaked, it’s not freezing outside or – in the best of cases – I’m indoors, it’s pretty much my favourite form of weather ever. I also like the smell of rain, it’s strangely soothing. Everything about its cleansing properties appeals to me, both the literal and metaphorical. I just like how, although most a miserable during the rain, the world afterwards is so… pleasant.

Rainy days call for fun, rainy day activities. Earlier today I was thinking about what I used to do growing up on days like today, which made me think of Maureen Johnson’s first BEDA post about making up games to play when you’re a lonely only. I was an only child as well and I definitely had games and activities that kept me occupied when I was alone on rainy days like this one. Some of these activities included (and still include):


Most of the time I spent my days reading and reading will always be associated with the rain for me because the first time I read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was on a lazy, rainy, Sunday afternoon when I was ten. There’s just something about the rain that makes you want to curl up with a great book and a cup of tea (of course) and just escape into another world.


On rainy days throughout my youth I was also very fond of arts and crafts. I had a cupboard full of supplies such as construction paper, pom poms, markers (scented and non), crayons, GLITTER GLUE, googly eyes, sequins, sparkles, jewels, FELT, yarn, and the list goes on. I can’t remember for the life of me what on earth I made with such random supplies but I do remember the multitude of rainy afternoons that passed fleetingly because I was having so much freaking fun sticking things to paper.


When I think of card and board games and rain I will always think of family camping trips. The amount of times I remember being stuck in a dining tent with my parents with Scrabble, Pick Two (like scrabble but better, how can anything be better than scrabble, you ask? I have NO idea, but it is), Monopoly, Settlers of Catan, THE GAME OF LIFE, Yahtzee, boggle, Clue, and a deck of cards providing us with endless entertainment when we were waiting out the storm. If you’re wondering if we actually brought all of those games with us camping the answer is, yes. The storm survival kit was a necessity, coming in a close third place to shelter and food (we drop all sense of personal hygiene and fashion while living in the woods), because there is always a storm when we go camping, never fail.


One word: yummy. It’s bad, baking all of the time, but it’s delicious nonetheless, and of course you need a good, homemade cookie to go with your tea and your book. Plus, the smell that fills the home might even smell more delicious than that of rain…and that says a lot, coming from me.


This is quite an obvious choice for a nice rainy day in, but it’s still great. Everyone has a television series or movie that their friends want them to see and when’s a better time than a rainy day to spend all of your time curled up in front of the T.V, with a mug of tea and a cookie that you baked yourself, to catch up on your visual entertainment.

All of these options will brighten your rainy day and pass the time away so that tomorrow (or a few days later, seeing as it’s supposed to rain in this area non-stop for the next few days) you will want to do ANYTHING but sit in the house, all cooped up and comfy. So, the next time a rainy day comes your way, think of your lazy day indoors as a motivational tool, so you’ll get everything you wanted to get done today, done tomorrow.



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blog-photos11this movie will be incredible…

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If today was productive, or unproductive. You tell me:

Productive: I figured out what I’m going to write by Buddhism paper on…

Unproductive: But I haven’t done any school work…at all.

Productive: but I did go get a book to help me write said essay (The Complete Poems of Walt Whitman).

Unproductive: but after buying said book I spent 1.5 hours downtown shopping and got three things off my wish list from a previous blog post (blue skirt, AA Bodysuit, belt) and spent too much moneeez. 

Productive: responded to all outstanding social networking messages, etc.

Unproductive: see above.

You see my dilemma? 

Despite that, however, I will spend sometime updating this lovely blog here by posting a *puts on announcer voice* TEA OF THE DAY-day-day (see the echo effect there? snazzy, right?). 

Today’s tea is a Starbucks Grande Unsweetened Non-Fat Black Tea Latte. It’s my new regular order from Starbs. I get it unsweetened because I’m not a huge fan of their classic syrup (it’s just…sweet) and I like my tea strong rather than sweet and the tea latte is better than just a tea because it’s, well, delicious and comforting. It’s a pretty basic tea, but I just say KISS (keep it simple, silly). 


Speaking of cheesy phrases, the English Department just sent out their clothing order forms and they decided on the WORST slogan for the year clothing. The geniuses decided on “English Majors: You Do the Math”. 

What? I get it, but really? That’s the best they could come up with? “You do the Math”? I mean haha, we’re english majors so we hate numbers, but it’s such a terrible clothing slogan. If I were on the committee I would have gone with something like, “English Majors: We Kiss by the Book” to allude to the classic line from Romeo and Juliet. Oh, Petrarchian conceits and Juliet’s rejection of them *sigh*. Needless to say, I’m not wasting 40 dollars on an American Apparel zip-up hoody this year. Terrible. 

Maybe I’ll go be productive now…


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Okay, so since, apparently, I’m obsessed with tea, I thought that I might start doing updates with a tea of the day, plus a song, book or photograph (or something along those lines). I thought of this mostly because I bought a new kind of tea today and have recently started listening to Belle and Sebastian (I know, I know) and the two seemed to go together so nicely. Plus, tea drinking and english literature go hand in hand, do they not? 

Today when I went to the little man (our grocer) down the road to pick up some essentials I picked up a box of tea-march-21tea that I have been eyeing for the past few weeks. It’s St. Dalfour’s Black Cherry Tea. I’m a huge fan of cherries (specifically dried) and cherries plus tea sounded delicious to me so I finally picked it up. It did not disappoint. I tried it once just plain and then again with a splenda packet and milk and in the future I’d opt for the latter. If the tea were tangier (which is what I was expecting on the first try) I wouldn’t have gone for the milk, but the cherry flavour is definitely more mild, making the addition of milk appropriate, not to mention absolutely delish. 

Right now, for my eighth book in my 52-in-09 challenge, I’m reading the classic, Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut. I’m only about 60 pages in and so far I’m liking it quite a lot. I will discuss more once I’ve finished. 

Finally, the song of the day. As previously mentioned, I just recently purchased myself a larger collection of Belle and Sebastian and it was so worth the 30 dollars I spent on iTunes albums yesterday, because they’re great. They’re like The Beatles meets Simon and Garfunkle meets Stars. What’s not to like? To be completely honest, I decided to really start listening to them because I was rewatching an episode of how i met your mother from season one called “The Return of the Shirt”, the one where Ted gets back together with an old girlfriend, Natalie, who apparently loves sock monkeys, Kraav Maga (sp?) and Belle and Sebastian (“that one Belle and Sebastian song she always listened to…”). Kinda sad but whatever, that show is awesome. I digress. The song of the day is “For the Price” by this lovely scottish band, enjoy:

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few know how to take a walk with the prospect of any other pleasure than the same company would have awarded them at home.

Samuel Johnson, Rambler No.5


Today’s song: Golden Slumbers/Carry that Weight/The End by the Beatles from Abbey Road. 

I feel as though there’s a theme to this blog entry…

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