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Ya ya ya… I’ve missed a few days of beda.

Anyway. This pillow is new on urbanoutfitters.com . I want it but it’s “online only” and can only be shipped within the United States.


So, if there’s anyone in the states who wants to buy me this pillow and I’ll send you a cheque, that’d be great.

8 days guys!


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that my heart lies in london?

I’m not sure why, but today I have been craving all things british.

I’ve been looking a grad schools in the UK that have the program I’m looking into, I’ve been browsing Topshop like it’s my job, I’ve been drinking english breakfast tea all day and craving some Cadbury Fingers and/or Hobnobs and/or Lemon Dutchys and finally I’ve resorted to looking up flights.

I’m craving London.

Now, my love of London is something, like my love of Harry Potter, or Christmas, or tea, that never goes away. On occasion, however, this love turns into a slight obsession and the prospect of being in London (or England in general, I mean if I were merely a train ride away I wouldn’t complain) is all I can really think about. 

I think these thoughts started to surface yesterday in my Restoration and 18th Century Literature course. We were discussing Country House poetry and discussing the 18th century country house and its role in british culture. This got me thinking of Pride and Prejudice, which then got me thinking about this house I visited while in England nearly four years ago (we left for England on March 11th! It feels like only yesterday…). The house is called Stourhead and you can check it out here. I remember seeing peacocks on the grounds (actually) and being in complete awe of this wonderful family home. This house reminded me of Pride and Prejudice because part of the 2005 movie with Keira Knightly was filmed there. So since that lecture (it was the only one this entire semester in that course that I have taken more than a page of notes) I have been on an England high and I can’t seem to come down off my cloud.

I’m also really excited because two Christmases from now I’ll be in England, specifically in St. Agnes, Cornwall for the majority of the trip. We’re staying in the same house that we did back in 2005 and we’ll be there upon our arrival and through to probably the 27th, when we’ll head up to Wales to stay with more family up there for New Years and finally, we’re spending a few days in London at the end of our trip before we fly back home because I would not be a happy peep if we did not. 

Although I’m super pumped for that trip, it’s so freaking far away. I would give anything to take a week off in May or something just to fly over there for a week or something and trek around England/Scotland. All I want is a week. All I want is London.

london love collage



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