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It finally, really, feels like Christmastime because we finally put up our Christmas tree on Saturday. We got out all of our decorations and everything and it just looks so wonderful. I love my house at Christmas. I was able to take some pictures of the tree and stuff because my lovely housemate found my camera cord and brought it home with her on Wednesday. Did I mention that she’s my hero?


Last night my parents and I went to go see a production of one of my favourite Christmas films, It’s a Wonderful Life. It was very interesting because it was performed as if it were being put on as a radio show in the late 40’s. So each of the actors played an actor on the radio show, and then each actor played two or three characters in It’s a Wonderful Life, with the exception of the man who played George Bailey, because he only played him. The acting was excellent but I was even more impressed with the sound effects. There was a man on stage who performed all the sound effects as they would on a radio show, and if you closed your eyes and lost your focus on the actors, you could see it being performed in your head. There were slamming doors and wind machines and thunder sheets. It was just so incredible to watch and even just listen to. Not to mention that it’s one of my favourite stories ever. 



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On my blog.

I just figured out that I can make my website snow. How awesome is that?

Also, more photos:





Santas this time :).

I’m sad though because my camera just died and I have a feeling that I left my camera cord at my house in Kingston.



p.s. the house across the street officially no longer exists.

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