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Yesterday my friend, Alexa, took me out for my Christmas present. I didn’t know where we were going but I had a pretty good feeling. You see, last year we were talking about how nice it would be to see the Nutcracker and since her mom works for the National Ballet she could get cheaper tickets and good seats and stuff. Evidently we never got around to seeing it last year so when she called and told me to clear my schedule on the evening of the 18th because we were going to be seeing something I wavered for a little but finally figured out what we were doing.

Sonia Rodriguez as the Sugar Plum Fairy

Sonia Rodriguez as the Sugar Plum Fairy

So last night we got dressed up and went to the Four Seasons centre downtown and I was treated to a lovely performance of the Nutcracker. It’s such a beautiful ballet and it’s great because there are so many adorable students of NBS in the performances. The little lambs and mice are pretty much the cutest things you will ever lay your eyes on. The principal dancers are so incredibly beautiful and graceful, they make it hard for you to believe that they’re human beings. Watching the Nutcracker again just reminded me of how badly myself (and every other 5 year old girl who has ever seen the Nutcracker) wanted to grow up to be the Sugarplum Fairy at some point in their lives.


All in all, the ballet was beautiful and I kind of, really, want to see more ballets. I just find them so fascinating! After seeing the ballet last night also really want to watch the straight-to-video Center Stage because it’s surprisingly great. I remember watching that movie at sleepovers when I was younger and getting all embarrassed at the sex scene. haha. Good times. 

Also, it’s crazy snowing outside! I woke up this morning to a blustery blizzard and I took some pictures: 



I think that, at this rate, we might, just maybe, have a white Christmas. 



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On my blog.

I just figured out that I can make my website snow. How awesome is that?

Also, more photos:





Santas this time :).

I’m sad though because my camera just died and I have a feeling that I left my camera cord at my house in Kingston.



p.s. the house across the street officially no longer exists.

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I loveeee home. 

It smells nice and looks pretty and yeah…

I’m in like with home. 

AND it’s snowing. 





I’m currently listening to the new mugglecast and I cannot believe that they have not picked up on the Laura Mallory connection from Dumby’s commentary on FoFF. But really, I’m even more proud because Laura (the mugglecaster) just mentioned the Three Brothers tale and its similarities to The Pardoner’s Tale from Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. I noticed that connection when I read it last year in English 110 and everyone thought I was insane. But there’s definitely evidence to say that Three Brothers was loosely based on the Pardoner’s Tale. Laura, you get a pat on the back. 

Today is pretty much gorgeous outside, but it’s kinda ruined by this :


It’s incredibly noisy, although it’s a very interesting house to see inside of. I’m kinda, really glad it’s being torn down. The hilarious part is that the guy who lived there before sold it on the condition that they wouldn’t tear it down. Yeah. Right. That house was a shit hole. 

Alright, I must go. Caitlin and I are going to rendezvous. Ta.

Oh here’s another lame picture of me for good measure. I like my outfit today.


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